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Is it just me? Are family photos hard for anyone else?

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

Is it just me or are family photo sessions hard for anyone else? Below are my two adorable babies, who are so well behaved (most of the time). How do they possibly know that on a given day I need them to be clean, well rested, and ready to smile.....that's just not what they have planned. Our family photo day started like any other day, but on this particular day, Cooper, our toddler, did not want to clean up his jelly covered face after breakfast, nor did he want to take a bath and wash his hair. We had multiple tantrums through the morning and both he and I weren't feeling much like smiling. My sweet baby, Megan, has a cheery outlook-though her reflux (excessive spitting up) was in full-force, and everything in her immediate perimeter was covered in spit up. Many many many outfit changes later and she and I were both consistently covered in spit up.

As I was dealing with a tantrum throwing toddler who refused to get dressed, I had a sweet baby girl spitting up and drenching me, I couldn't tell you which was harder. Have you ever had these kind of days? I think most of us do. Having these days myself gives me so much more compassion for the disshevelled mom I see at the grocery store with the toddler throwing a fit and the crying baby. A few times I've just walked up to the poor mother and told her we've all been there, that her babbies are adorable, and that it'll get better. Have you ever had someone encourage you on one of "these" kind of days? Have you ever had judgemental glaring eyes, or even un thoughtful comments thrown your way on these kind of days? I have experienced other moms and grandmothers giving me unsolicited "advice" or just plain judgemental negative comments about my children. If you see another parent doing their best to love and take care of their children while they're in public, but they're just having a hard day, be that person who affirms that it'll get better, that we've all had days when our lovely children are having a hard day, or that we're just plain exhausted and overwhelmed by life.

Back to picture day....we did end up getting our babies clothed, and clean and out the door. One minute out the door and they were both asleep in carseats. When we arrived on location to take these pictures they were cranky and didn't want to wake up. You might be able to see our hair blowing in these pictures as well because there was a mini wind storm. =) At least we are awake and clean and not throwing fits I thought, as my hair blew around. Do you have any helpful tips for a successful family photo day? Have you ever had your children have a rough day when you needed them to be well behaved?

It's so easy to see a finished product, like a beautiful photo, and think that life is pretty perfect for those photoshopped smiles inside the photo. Here's a peak into the chaotic day I had leading up to these smiles. No one is perfect, but I sure am greatfull for this bunch I call mine.

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