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Top 5 Teacher Shoes

Here are my 5 favorite kinds of teacher shoes. Hope you enjoy!

Brown Boots: Clark's Msymie Stellar (sold out)

Boots (same brand): Louise et Cie

Black Booties:

Taupe Suede Booties: Jessica Simpson (sold out)

Leather Flats:

Black Booties:



Black Patent Pumps (exact):

Leopard Heels (exact 40% off right now):

Leather Sneakers (exact):

About Me: I’m Brittney, I’m a wife, a mommy of a toddler and baby, and I’m a full-time teacher at an Elementary school. I like to make videos about being a mommy, staying organized, helping my family be healthy, what it’s like to be a teacher, and doing it all with a heart full of joy! I’ve taught in Public school for 10 years, and worked in middle and elementary schools.

Disclaimer: Some of the links I’ve provided are affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase a small portion may go back to me, however the cost will be no different for you. I’ve provided links to help make life a little easier for you, if you wish to look up anything I’ve mentioned.

Blog Post with more links:

Tripod/Ring Light/Phone Holder Kit (mine is the white light version):

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