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20 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Here are 20 things you might not know about me......deep breath, here we go!

1. Name: Brittney

2. Siblings? Family? I'm the oldest of 4, I have two sisters and a brother, we're all very close (but not necessarily in age). I'm married to my Sweetheart, Justin and we have an almost 3 year old son, Coper, and a almost 5 month old daughter, Megan.

3. Where did you grow up? Monroe, Washington, a small town outside of Seattle. It's breathtakingly beautiful.

4. Activities in High School and College? Lots of music ensembles including Jazz Choir and Jazz Band. I was also very involved with my youth group and went on a few short-term missions trips.

5. Where did I go to college? A few community colleges, but spent 3 years at Boise State University where I earned my Bachelors in Music and Education. That certifies me to teach any music class from Kindergarten to High School.

6. What did I study in college? Music and Education. =)

7. 1st job after college? I taught music at an Elementary school in a small town in Idaho with nearly 1,000 students in my classes each week!

8. What's my favorite music? That really depends on the time of year and my's the end of October now and I'm LOVING listening to George Winston's album December. It always puts me in a Fall/Wintery mood and is perfect for blustery days.

9. Dream Job? Something to do with building up girls/women, beauty, a little bit of travel....guess I'm still looking for that perfect niche to fulfill all those joys-maybe this is the start of it. =) I love working with kids as well, so in that respect, teaching music at an elementary school is on my dream job list as well.

10. Biggest item on my to-do list? Learn how to edit youtube videos! This is harder than it seems!

11. Where do I want to travel to? ITALY! My mom and siblings just got back from a dream vacation to Italy and I've been drooling over all the beautiful pictures and loving all the stories they came back I want to go too!

12. next Vacation? Hopefully Disneyland with my sisters and mom in the somewhat near future. Fingers Crossed!!!!

13. Any special talents? I think I'm really good at meeting people and helping them feel at ease, comfortable and like they belong. I was the new girl quite a few times, and I always try to make any other fellow newbies feel special and welcomed.

14. What special talent do I wish I had? i wish I could tell jokes well. My husband is a masterful joke teller. Everyone who knows him thinks he'd make a fantastic comedy screenwriter, or stand up comedian! I always ruin the punchline of my own jokes before I get to it....

15. Something I do to relax? I love taking a nice hot bubble bath at the end of the day!

16. Something I love doing for fun? With a toddler and newborn, on my days off work I want to stay cozy at home and get every cuddle I can, so sometimes I take a few minutes to myself on the couch and do a little on-line shopping.

17. How did I meet Justin? Long story-videos and blogs to come....we meet online.

18. Favorite season? I love Fall! Fall fashion, weather, yummy treats (chai tea!!!!!)

19. What big goals do I have? We're building our own home ourselves....minimally hiring a few sub-contractors....but mostly ourselves with the help of my dad.

20. Interesting fact you might not know about me? I won Ms. Congeniality twice-but I never won a crown during my pageant days.

Hope you learned something at least entertaining about me. =) Click on the link below to watch the full video!

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